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This is a funny and detailed account of Chuck Berry as told by Taylor Hackford the famous Hollywood director, and features many famous musicians; Keith Richards, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, the late great Etta James, and more!

 They are preparing for a Chuck Berry 60th birthday "Rock n' Roll" concert in Mr. Berry's hometown with a Keith Richards organized back-up band.

What we think is so amazing about this film and what makes it one of the best "rock videos" ever, is that it clearly presents Chuck Berry as the mercurial, three-times-in-prison, outlandish, outrageous, quick-witted, free-willed character he clearly is and always will be. 

Is Chuck Berry crazy? Answer: "Yes! Crazy like a fox!"

And today at 88 years-young he's still raising hell!

 The outtakes and background disc feature "the making of this film" narrated by Oscar-Winner Taylor Hackford. The stories are so funny and unbelievable that it has to be seen to be believed.

This DVD has so much behind the scenes information about Chuck Berry and his maverick lifestyle and bizarre antics that for the "making of disc" alone it is worth the whole price of the DVD.

Plus you get the full concert!

"Our highest recommendation."  - ISR

Directed by: Taylor Hackford

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